Snow removal company in Deux-Montagnes

Snow removal in Deux-Montagnes

Residential snow removal in Deux-Montagnes

Deneigement Loyal offers residential snow removal services exclusively in the city of Deux-Montagnes. Regardless of the time of day, the snow removal team reacts quickly when there is snow accumulation of 5 cm or more and does what is necessary to facilitate your travels and to ensure your safety.

The competent and qualified staff at Deneigement Loyal is able to operate the machinery safely, thus avoiding any breakage or accidents. The fleet is made up of 15 recent and well-maintained snowplows (tractors with plows and snow blowers), for a service that exceeds your expectations.

The Loyal service
  • Residential snow removal
  • Deux-Montagnes area
  • Skilled operators

We accept online credit card payments, E-transfers and cheques.

We offer two payment options as indicated on your contract:

  • First option: Full payment - upon signing the contract
  • Second option: Two instalments
    • 50% due upon signing the contract
    • 2nd instalment due January 15th

Tax credit for snow removal - 70 years and over

Did you know that the Quebec government grants a tax credit for snow removal if you are aged 70 years or older? Find out about the terms and conditions by consulting the Government of Quebec website.

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