Our biggest assets are our employees. We have a team of drivers, ready to jump into their tractors and remove snow whenever necessary throughout the season. The owner Glen is heavily involved in the daily operations in the company and is ready to serve.

New this year, Loyal has our new receptionist, who will answer our phone lines and return messages.


Throughout the winter, you can get updates on our Facebook page. During a heavy snowfall, our phone line will include a storm hotline.

During a storm, our drivers will complete a first pass to clear snow banks from behind the vehicles parked in your driveway to allow access. They will later return to complete the entire driveway. Please keep your driveway clear of foreign objects such as shovels, stones, garbage bins, etc. at all times during a storm.

It is helpful if vehicles are pulled out of the way when our drivers arrive for the final pass. This allows us to correctly clean your driveway. As of 2018, clients will be offered the "Loyalert" system. It is an automated telephone call and a text message that will be sent to you approximately 30-40 minutes before your driver arrives to do the final pass, asking you to clear your driveway of vehicles.


Please be patient and courteous with our drivers and receptionists. They are doing their best to satisfy your needs. It is important to note that during storms with heavy snowfalls when multiple passes are required, the drivers must take breaks to rest and eat in order to stay healthy. This is also for your safety; a tired driver is a dangerous driver. We will always do our best to serve you as quickly as possible.


We accept credit card payments via our website online or cheque.

For existing customers, we have two payment options as outlined on your renewal contract.

First option: One single payment by credit card online via our website or Two payments - upon signature of contract and on January 15th.

Second option: One payment due Mid-September by credit card online via our website or by cheque.

For new customers, we only accept the first option.



For Customers of 70 years and older:
You are eligible to receive a provincial tax credit on your snow removal contract.



Included in the images below is our Two-Mountains snow removal territory. Any roads highlighted in yellow are in our service area.

We have a fleet of tractors to serve our customers. During a storm, Glen is out on the road surveying the situation at all times. This allows us to know when the city plows pass, and to keep an eye on any issues that require additional services or a follow-up.


You'll recognize us around town thanks to our yellow pickets, our signature green John Deere agricultural series tractors and our red reversible pull-type snow blowers.