This year, we are making big changes to our software in order to serve you better. Loyal now has an updated telephone service that features an interactive menu. Depending on the circumstances, there will be an automated phone system that will guide you and help you get the information you are looking for. But don't worry, you can still speak to a human if you need to! During snow storms, someone will be available to answer your call 24 hours a day. At any other time during the season, the phone lines will be open between 9am and 5pm. If you happen to get our voicemail service, please leave a message and we'll get back to you.

Starting in 2018, our clients will be offered the "Loyalert" system. An automated telephone call and a text message will be sent to you approximately 30 minutes before your driver arrives to do the final pass, asking you to clear your driveway of vehicles. 

How can I become a Loyal customer?

To receive a quote you may call us at anytime at 450-623-9121, submit a quote request form on our website, or contact us via Facebook message.


We will gladly answer any of your concerns promptly.

How can I get updates during a storm?

You can follow our Facebook page for live news updates. We will share the weather forecast and approximate times we will be passing. You can also call us at 450-623-9121 for information; there will be snow storm hotline recordings that will provide regularly updated information to our customers.

What can I expect during a snow storm?

We begin our services as soon as 5cm of snow has fallen.  Our aim is to complete our first run by 8:00am and another run by 6:00pm to allow street access.  We will continue during the snowfall and return after city cleaning. 


What happens if my property gets damaged?

We are a fully insured company and we take responsibility for any damages caused by our drivers as long as they are covered by our terms and conditions.  However, we are not responsible for customer neglect. Please read the terms and conditions to learn your role in preventing property damage.